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Gene Crout has been writing, recording and producing music for over 20 years. His own need required that he learn and then hone his skills in arrangement, engineering, mixing and ultimately full album production.

Gene's production expertise can be heard in Exchanging Truth for a Lie, the 2000 CD release by his own band, America Gomorrah, produced entirely at Audio Digital. ETfaL has been reviewed by websites and magazines worldwide and has consistently received high praise for its exceptional production quality.

Since releasing his own album, Gene has gone on to produce albums for Some Random Band, The Narrows, Melisa Wright, Stephanie Ault, Electric Side Dish, and Mark Sherak. As a Producer, one of Gene's greatest rewards is helping artists realize their musical vision.

Gene has also been instrumental in the production of the CPR Complilation Series. Gene has acted as Technical Producer and Mastering Engineer for CPR Volume's 1 , 2 and 3. Joining together with Threshing Floor Records and the artists on the project themselves, RSR and TFR are continuing the advocation of a new classification of music - CPR; Christian Progressive Rock.

What can Gene do for you and your music? Why not call or write him and find out?

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