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Audio Mastering is definitely our forte.

Audio Digital has been Mastering for commercial broadcast since 1997.

We have Mastered for TV, Radio, Cable, Internet and CD.

Mastering is the process of mixing your mixes. Every song is unique. So even songs that have been recorded and mixed in the same place, at the same time, are likely to have differences in overall EQ balance, volume, dynamics and stereo image. And songs that have been properly mixed without excessive processing on the master bus should have headroom and often peak excursions that will need to be addressed before your mixes will stand against commercial releases. Mastering addresses issues between tracks, makes sure your music sounds awesome everywhere, sequences and spaces your tracks, then sets your overall level to be competitive in the marketplace.

Audio Digital loves working directly with clients to ensure the best mastered product possible. We do not simply push a set of buttons and then send you a bill. Sometimes, when issues arise with mixes, while they could be corrected in mastering, it would be better to address those issues in the mix rather than the master. So after communicating with an artist or engineer about their mix, we will allow clients to resubmit new mixes so that we don’t have to overly process a track to get it to work. We’re not happy with the master until you are happy with the master.


If you are considering sending tracks to Audio Digital to master, please see our Helpful Mastering Guide on getting the most out of your mixes.