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CPR Volume 4
(Threshing Floor Records / Righteous Sinner Records)

A major milestone, CPR Volume 4 is the fourth installment in the highly acclaimed CPR Compilation CD Series! Coming in at a whopping 78 minutes of music, CPRv4 is a slightly heavier, darker collection of tracks than previous Volumes, but still with an underlying message of hope for the listener. CPR Volume 4 includes tracks from Visual Cliff, Eric Parker, Gene Crout, Iona, Farpoint, Pursuit, Kinetic Element, KDB3, Supernal Endgame and Syzygy. Get your copy today and find out why Producer Gene Crout was quoted as saying “there are a lot of brilliant minds on this disc…”


America Gomorrah
Exchanging Truth for a Lie

(Righteous Sinner Records)

The debut album from America Gomorrah. 10 Songs, just under 1 hour of music.

Produced by Gene Crout


Melissa Wright

You Placed Me Here
(AVPH Publishing)

Melissa Wright is a brand new singer/songwrighter and pianist hailing from Alamosa, CO. Her debut release features 11 songs described as “wide-ranging and eclectic, fresh and modern but steeped in the classics, epic yet intimate contemporary Christian rock.” Heavy layered guitars provided by Gene Crout of America Gomorrah and ADE, and powerful in your face drumming by Carl Busser of AG make this an offering sure to appeal to the harder rockers of the bunch. Yet beautiful, emotive, melodic vocals balance out the production and make it appealing to fans of female artists and piano rock.

Produced by Gene Crout


CPR Volume 3
(Threshing Floor Records / Righteous Sinner Records)

The third installment in the CPR Series, Volume 3 features artists from around the globe! Unitopia from Australia, Apple Pie from Russia, Ted Leonard of Enchant, and an exclusive track from Phil Keaggy make this album a must have for those searching out new music in the Christian and Progressive Rock genres. Rounding out the 11 tracks comprising over an hour of music are Mike FlorioGreg Wollan, Mike Lockett, Pursuit, Ad Astra, Time Horizon and Everlasting Arms. Get your copy today while you still can!


Some Random Band
More Or Less

(Some Random Band)

The debut album from Some Random Band! 13 Songs, one hour of Modern Rock infused with Classic Rock sensibilities. Soulful, heartfelt lyrics about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. This band and this album exemplifies everything that is good and pure about rock and roll. Order Your Copy today!

Produced by Gene Crout.


Mark Sherak

(Righteous Sinner Records)

Mark Sherak’s LordSongs is a wide-ranging and diverse collection of music.  From epic, orchestrally laden mega-productions to intimate mandolin and cello duets, LordSongs spans the full range of musical and spiritual emotions.

Produced by Gene Crout and Mark Sherak


Swamp Koolers
Swamp Koolers

(Swamp Koolers)

An eclectic mountain jam beaming in from somewhere in the mountains above Boulder, CO.  Rock and roll with a sense of humor and honesty. Folkey and fun with bluegrass tinges.  This debut from the Swampys is sure to please those who like americana and folk rock.


Ric Cori
Thawing the Iceman

(Righteous Sinner Records)

10 Inspiring Songs including the Praise in the Rockies Award winning “Remember” and “Kickin All the Way”. If you like great lyrics, great singing
and great music, you will like this.


CPR Volume 2
(Threshing Floor Records / Righteous Sinner Records)

CPR Volume 2 is here! 12 new songs by 12 different christian progressive rock artists from around the country and world! Music from: Dave Bainbridge of Iona, Orphan Project, Simon Apple, Neal Morse of Spock’s Beard, David Walliman, Soulful Terrain, Glass Hammer, Young Earth, Eric Parker, Scott Rice, Revelation Project and Bill Hubauer of Ten Point Ten! Two exclusive songs available only on CPR Volume 2!



CPR Volume 1
(Threshing Floor Records / Righteous Sinner Records)

18 Songs by 18 different progressive rock artists. 2 CDs for the price
of 1! Music from: Kerry Livgren/Proto-Kaw, Neal Morse, Dave Beegle, AjalonSalem Hill, Glass Hammer, America Gomorrah, Divine in Sight, Akacia and 9 more bands! Visit CProgRock.com for more information. America Gomorrah is proud to be a part of such an incredible and historic collection.



Electric Side Dish

While not really a debut for Electric Side Dish, this is their most recent musical offering and the only album widely available by the eclectic Colorado jam band. Nominated for Denver’s Best Jam Band two years in a row, Forward is an impressive collection of soundscapes and musical emotion. Very cool disc!

Produced by Gene Crout and Electric Side Dish.


Episode III Phantom Manna
Compilation CD

(Fifty280 Records)

Currently the only way to obtain a copy of America Gomorrah’s Real World on CD.  Music from 8 Denver Artists: America Gomorrah, Judean Radio StaticLiquid Currency, S.O.K., and more!

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