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Audio Digital offers full recording capabilities
from singer/songwriter demos to full live band recordings.

  • 5 different areas of isolation, to capture without bleed from other instruments.
  • 32 simultaneous recording inputs capable of capturing multitrack drums along with microphone and DI inputs for your every instrument in your band.
  • Headphone distribution system for monitoring with stations for up to 6 band members.
  • All analog microphone preamps prior to A/D conversion, from Universal Audio, Grace Design, PreSonus and Focusrite.
  • Microphones from Rode, Audix, Cascade, Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Shure.
  • Tama StarClassic 6 piece Birch acoustic drum kit in Pearl Icon rack with mounts for 10 cymbals.
  • Roland V-Drum 6 piece with Double Kick into Superior or EZ Drummer.
  • Marshall JVM 410H, Mesa Boogie Mark V:25, Mesa Rect-o-Verb 50 combo, Peavey Classic 30, Roland JC-120, THD 4×12, Genz Benz 2×12, Epiphone 1×12, AmpliTube, WAVES GTR and more.

Audio Digital is more than ready to track your next demo or album!

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